Gays and Girls

Gays and Girls


I have noticed friendships between a gay and a girl work great. I think it is the perfect combination, both parties complement each other and there is no interest in between. I usually have a special bond with girls and we tend to end up being good friends. I can honestly say, I have more girlfriends than boyfriends for some reason I bond easier with girls than boys.

After thinking about this for some time, I decided to share this with my my sister. She, on the other hand, gets along better with boys. She thinks girls are competitive and catty. I can agree with this because I have seen it happen but I guess I try not to get involved in the cattiness and the dramma that usually happens amongst girls. I enjoy spending time with my friends but when it comes to dealing with dramma, I try not to get involved. I am not a confrontational person, so whenever there is an argument, I am the first person to remove myself from a situation like that. I always try to include different groups of friends and hope everybody gets along. This doesn’t always work out but it is nice to get friends together and hope my circle of friends gets even bigger.

Relationships between gays and girls is very honest. In my experience, I can talk about anything with my girlfriends and they usually let loose and open up too. Sometimes, conversations get too raw and dirty which I find it interesting because I realize how comfortable they feel about our friendship that we can discuss things like this. I should ask my girlfriends about this but in my opinion girls like spending time with gays because we are honest. We do what we want we do what we like…. In other hands we do not deal with the BS.

In life, gays learn to not care about what people say about them, having to deal with the daily judgement from society, makes us stronger individuals and we learn not to judge people as people judges us. For this reason, I believe many girls enjoy our company, we usually say it like it is and we dont care what people think, we live an honest life and do what we feel.

I love my girls and genuinely enjoy spending time with them. I would appreciate to hear from the girls about their opinion about this or share their experience with gay friends. Do you agree with my opinion?

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